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Client Feedback

Finding a solid IT company is like finding a good woman. When you find them you marry them and have lots of babies. Ok so it isn’t exactly like finding a good woman. It’s more like a fine glass of wine. Ok you know what, I’m not good at the analogies so we’ll skip that part of the review. You cannot ask for anything more than what Rathcore provides. First of all they are responsive. I deal with a ton of different people in different capacities, and it drives me crazy when people don’t respond to you. With Rathcore an email is answered right away. And they really know computers. I had constant issues with my network design. They overhauled the entire thing and made it rock solid. It was no small task, but it was done to perfection. They also do not nickle and dime. You won’t get a bill for every text message communication like you do with some support companies. I really appreciate that. I will use Rathcore for as long as my business exists.
— Boulder Dental Arts, Jeffrey Patrician, DDS

I have been working with Rathcore Solutions since early 2014. They built my website, social pages logo and branding. After completely overhauling my company’s online presence my business has gone up tremendously. They were honest,trustworthy and easy to work with. i highly recommend them to any company and have referred many people to them already.
— Save Auto Glass, Ray Rasouli

Zach is just amazing to work with. He is equipped and knowledgeable. He understands his clients needs. Stop looking just give him a will understand what i am talking about.
— Milestone Granite, Xavier Castaneda


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